Off Wall Street But Not Off Track

Meyer Capital Management, LLC, welcomed me as a new-hire investment professional in June 2018. I arrived with 138 credit hours, two majors, and three prior internships as part of four wonderful years at the University of Dayton. During this time, I leveraged UD’s experiential learning philosophy to its fullest advantage. I traveled twice to New York City presentations and forums, learned basic technical analysis from a seasoned commodity trader, and worked as a health care analyst for the student-run 30-million-dollar Dayton Flyer Fund. Co-managing the Fund and contributing to its growth inspired me to pursue professional portfolio management which led me, fortunately, to MCM.

On my first visit to its suburban Cincinnati office, MCM’s commitment to premier technology greeted me in the form of a Flyer Fund friend: the Bloomberg Terminal. Two monitors’ four screens were showing black background, amber text fields, burgundy buttons, blue charts, and a former New York City mayor’s last name flashing, blinking, and racing along. A standard fixture across New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Boston’s money center banks and premier financial institutions—the Bloomberg Computer Terminal provides invaluable real-time and historical data troves, future forecasts, and unending functionality for financial professionals like me.

Of equal value to the Bloomberg Terminal itself is its pure presence here as it allows my investment team colleagues and me to work efficiently, knowledgeably, and ultimately serve MCM clients with one of the market’s most sophisticated tools. (Its six-thousand-dollar-plus quarterly fee leaves little guess as to Michael Bloomberg’s own fortunes.)

For example, when I notice a stock like Amazon trading lower, I utilize the Terminal and a few specific keystrokes to pinpoint the selloff source. As new developments break headlines, I read detailed reports seconds after release via the Terminal. I hone my perspective each morning watching its Television unit’s expert strategists and reporters relay the news, and I consult its Intelligence platform to identify the market’s potentially beneficial or perhaps besieging factors.

MCM’s commitment to high-grade technology such as the Terminal may surprise some given the Company’s suburban Ohio location. Geographically, culturally, and namely, Cincinnati is far from Wall Street’s marquees. But with its Terminal, MCM may be more like Wall Street technologically than it appears. With its commitment to providing employees best-in-class tools, MCM’s talented investment team may be off Wall Street but certainly not off track.